Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a machine that uses revolving blades to cut a lawn to an even height. The blades may be operated by an internal combustion engine, an electric motor, or may be powered by hand by pushing the mower forward. There are several types of mowers, and each is suited to a certain purpose and scale. Push mowers are great for small residential lawns, riding mowers for larger lawns, and large tractors for municipal parks and golf courses.


Just like there are several types of lawn mowers, there are numerous brands and manufacturers. For medium to large residential lawns, the Craftsman 37436 model is one of the best reviewed mowers on the market. It offers a responsive squeeze-handle drive lever and a well-shielded drive belt under the deck. For those on larger properties, John Deere has some of the best riding mowers available. The X540 series offers excellent power and performance and is perfect for people who need to cut acres of land.

garden tractor1Purpose/How to

If you purchased a gasoline-powered mower, fill the mower up with gas and oil, and check the air filter for debris. If you have an electric mower, find an outlet and use an extension cord to plug it in. Make sure your yard is clear of any debris or potential obstacles. You may want to trim the edges around the yard first so you can establish a perimeter of the yard, which should make it easier to cut. Decide whether you want to mow in rows or columns, and stick to a pattern. Check for missed spots at the end, and go over any you find. If you have a mower that saves the grass clippings in the mower bag, dispose of them in a garbage bag.

Safety Features & Guidelines

Every year, hundreds of people get injured because they do not use their lawn mower properly. Make sure you know your machine. Reader the owner’s manual and become familiar with all of its features. Check your lawn before you start mowing, and remove any debris like rocks or pot plants before you start. If you have a gas powered mower, it may get loud, so wear earplugs or earmuff-type hearing protection. You will also want to wear long pants to protect yourself from flying grass and stones. If your yard has slopes or hills, take extra caution, as a mower can flip over or go out of control which could cause bodily harm.

Pros & Cons

For people with very small residential lawns, a push mower is generally all they need. For larger lawns that are too small for a riding mower but too large for a push mower, home owners have a decision to make: an electric lawn mower or a gas mower.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Electric mowers are great because you do not have to fill up gas or change their oil, and they are also better for the environment. They also tend to be quieter than gas mowers. Most electric mowers need to be plugged in, however, which can limit your mobility, and you have to be careful if the grass is wet. Gas mowers can cut through tougher grass with ease and they don’t use a lot of gas. They also tend to be more durable than most electric mowers, although their pull-start cords can be difficult to use for some people.