Row-crop Tractor

A row-crop tractor is a brand of tractor designed specifically to assist with the growing of crops in rows, in both cultivating and truck farming. It essentially combines a cultivator and a farm tractor into one machine. The rear wheels are large so that crops can pass underneath them. The International Harvester Farmall is considered to be the first row-crop tractor, and remained the most popular brand of tractors for nearly 40 years.


Massey Ferguson manufactures and distributes some of the most popular and well-reviewed tractors on the market today. Specifically, the new Massey Ferguson 8600 series is one of the best row-crop tractors available. It has expanded power to help handle even the most difficult jobs, and it has the best transmission in its class. It also has an extremely large cabin, which improves visibility significantly. Versatile is another popular brand of row-crop tractors.

row crop tractor1Purpose/How to

Row-crop tractors are used to help the growing of crops grown in rows. They significantly helped to reduce the heavy efforts of harrowing and plowing before planting, which could be backbreaking tasks for farm animals. Row-crop tractors are light and reliable, making it easy for them to get into a field of already-planted row. They have very large wheels which allow crops to pass underneath the tractor as it plows the field. They are also great machines to help transport manure, silage, or other material.

Safety Features & Guidelines

Early models of row-crop tractors tended to be rather dangerous because they had two closely spaced front tires, which made them difficult to drive on steep hills. Many farmers died from tractor rollovers. Modern tractors are often equipped with roll bars or an ROPS (rollover protection system), which is a structure such as a frame or cab that protects tractor drivers from injury if the machine does indeed rollover. Like any tractor, proper safety precautions should be taken before operating a row-crop tractor. Make sure you know where any hazards or potential obstacles are, and check the weather and ground conditions to make sure it is safe to operate your tractor. Never get off the tractor if it is moving, and try to avoid leaving the engine running. Make sure all children are clear of the tractor’s path. Unfortunately, accidental tractor deaths are very common, so taking the necessary safety precautions is extremely important.

Pros & Cons

Row-crop tractors are extremely expensive, but if you own a farm they are pretty much required. A used John Deere tractor, for example, costs well over $200,000.

This is much cheaper than a new tractor, however. You can often finance your new tractor to help alleviate some of the initial cost. While buying a used tractor may be cheaper, always make sure you check how old the tractor is, and if it has had any mechanical or engine problems. You may end up paying more in repair costs than the price of a new tractor! Row-crop tractors are extremely beneficial to farmers, however, as they significantly reduce the amount of physical labor required by both humans and animals.