Snow Plow

A snow plow is a device that is mounted on to the front of a vehicle and is used to remove ice and snow from outdoor surfaces, such as roads and parking lots. The term is often used to describe winter service vehicles, especially in northern areas or other places that receive large amounts of snow. In places where there may be less snow, front end loaders and pickup trucks are outfitted with a snow plow to remove snow. They can also be mounted on rail cars to help keep railway tracks clear.


Western Products is one of the most popular brands of snow plow on the market. Founded in Milwaukee in 1950, they introduced their first snow plow in 1952. They have numerous types of snow plows available. The Suburbanite is a personal-use plow, and is a perfect attachment for your pick-up truck or SUV. It is lightweight and easy to install, and comes with a ploy blade with trip blade protection. They also offer high-end plows, made for skid-steers or large snow removal vehicles.

snow plow 2Purpose/How to

Snow plows are often operated by licensed workers, but if you have a pick-up truck or SUV you can purchase your own plow and make some money on the side by plowing streets or parking lots yourself. Make sure you plan ahead by checking the weather channel. If you see that a large amount of snowfall is predicted, get out there early and start removing snow before it gets too deep. If possible, plow the lot vertically; this will make it easier to turn and is also less time consuming. After making your first pass, try to make the second and subsequent passes by only plowing about ½ the width of the plow. Push the snow as far off the lot as possible, and make sure it is clear of any entrances or exits.

Safety Features & Guidelines

Whether you are driving on roads with snow plows nearby or are doing the plowing yourself, there are several important safety steps to follow. If you are driving, always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the snow plow, and never pass them. Snow plows may be wider than the average vehicle, and its large blades may extend into the neighboring lane. If you are the one plowing, be aware of your surroundings, which include other vehicles, parked cars, or other obstacles. Try to get out there early, before the snow accumulates and becomes very deep. Once you start, make sure you finish the job. If you leave any wet snow, it can freeze overnight and become ice in the morning, which can make driving very dangerous.

Pros & Cons

There are several advantages to starting a snow plow business. For people who work in seasonal jobs, such as construction or landscaping, it can be a great way to make some extra cash during the off-season.

It is also a relatively easy job to get started in – all you need is a pick-up truck and a plow. You can find snow plows from retail shops or online for anywhere between $500 and $3000. It can be dangerous, however, as you have to drive during snowstorms and in bad driving conditions. It also requires you to be able to work at anytime, whether during the day, early morning, or middle of the night. Your hours and work depend entirely on the weather.