Street Sweeper

A street sweeper is, simply put, a machine that cleans streets, typically in an urban area. They have been used in large cities ever since waste removal and sanitation became a priority. They are typically mounted on truck bodies and use a vacuum to remove any debris that accumulates in the streets. Some street sweepers use brushes to clean instead of a vacuum. They use jets to shoot out water onto the street’s surface and have spinning brushes that scrub the dirt free.


Allianz Madvac is one of the most well-known manufacturers of street sweepers. They have numerous different models, each designed for particular locations. The Global M3 Demonstrator comes equipped with a John Deere Engine Tier 3, while the slightly smaller Global M4 has great visibility for the operator and its PM-10 water system significantly improves air quality. The Madvac product offers models perfect at both the municipal and industrial level.

street sweeper1Purpose/How to

While they are called street sweepers, they are used on a wide variety of surfaces. The largest trucks are big enough and have enough speed to drive on and clean highways, although they do have to go a bit slower when sweeping. Smaller models can be used to go on park paths or sidewalks. Street sweepers do much more than simply cleaning streets, however, as they can remove chemicals and motor oil that contaminate the environment. Most sweeper-truck jobs only require their operators to have a standard driver’s license, obtaining your Class B commercial license can be beneficial. Street sweepers aren’t that difficult to offer, but it is recommended that you read the owner’s manual beforehand so you are aware of where all the controls are located and what function they perform.

Safety Features & Guidelines

There are several important safety steps to follow before and while you are operating a street sweeper. Make sure the brooms, or if you are using an air sweeper, the vacuum, is in good working order and not damaged or defected. You will want to discover any potential problems before you start working rather than after. Make sure you know the area where you will be working. Because most street sweepers work in busy metropolitan areas, you will need to keep an eye out for pedestrians and vehicles. While the area may seem clear, a car or person could suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere. It may help to work with a spotter who can help warn you if there is a sudden obstacle.

Pros & Cons

There are two main types of street sweepers: ones that use a vacuum and the others that use brooms. The broom version, which fits the name “street sweeper”, is great because it first sprays down the road or sidewalk before scrubbing it with a brush and using a broom to sweep away debris.

The vacuum model sucks up the debris, which is beneficial because it can remove it completely from the street. It does not remove chemicals or motor oil, however, which can leak into the sewers and cause damage to the environment.